Investing wisely can be a good strategy to help you create wealth. A Spectrum Wealth adviser has access to a wide range of investments and investment research. One of the most popular kinds of investments are Managed funds.

Managed funds

Managed Funds are a good investment option for those interested in diversifying their investment portfolio. By investing in a Managed Fund you could have an interest in many different companies in Australia and internationally.

What is a Managed Fund?

Managed Funds (or unit trusts) are created when a group of investors invest collectively in the same assets. The funds are managed by Fund Managers. Managed Funds can be used to invest in shares, property, fixed interest, other suitable asset classes or a combination of these.

The benefits

As we mentioned earlier Managed Funds offer diversification, allowing you to spread your investment risk over a wide group of assets rather than a few specialised ones. Another equally important benefit is the expertise offered by the Fund Manager, whose job it is to select the best performing assets for you. Fund Managers have access to more research than most investors and are experienced at successful investing.

Make Managed Funds part of your savings plan

Investing in Managed Funds can become part of a regular savings plan, where you can contribute a set amount each month. Remember, the earlier you start investing the more wealth you can create for your future.

To find out more about Managed Funds contact a Spectrum Wealth adviser.